Massage for a Bigger, Rounder Booty

An intense lymphatic massage on the buttocks is said to be able to reshape the buttocks and improve circulation to the area. Combine the massage with an algae wrap to discourage cellulite. This massage will work the deep tissues in your behind and rejuvenate your cells, giving you better curves and making the skin on your buttocks glow.



Specially, some say that by mixing soybean and fenugreek oils, massaging the buttocks with the mixture, and leaving the oil on overnight, the bottom will gradually increase in size.

Topical Creams that Claim to Improve Your Butt

Some people use creams that claim to enhance their buttocks. But how do they work? Such creams and lotions contain ingredients that can effectively tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, and other types of wrinkles. As with pills, the best way to get better result is to add butt-working exercises and a proper diet.

I found this DIY fish-oil rub. Some people claim that fish oil and vitamin E promote growth. According to them the fats and anti-oxidants in these ingredients improve circulation and elasticity. While there’s been no conclusive evidence supporting its effectiveness, these oils are at the very least good for your skin.


Topical Fish Oil Rub

For each cheek, mix the contents of one fish oil capsule and one vitamin E capsule.
Rub the mixture on your buttocks.
Cover your buttocks with plastic wrap.
Wait for 15 minutes so the mixture is absorbed properly.
Swallow two fish oil pills with an eight-ounce glass of water.


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