How To Use Maca To Make Your Buttocks Bigger

If you’re serious about using Maca to generate more curves, you’re going to have to work some at it. The great thing is that Maca will help you do it since one of the main benefits of taking it is a boost in energy and vitality.

Here’s how to use Maca for buttocks:

Make sure to take a high quality, fresh and certified organic Maca powder. The best way to take it is on an empty stomach mixed in with water alone – this helps it to assimilate quickly and fully into the body.

If you have any digestive sensitivity we recommend Gelatinized Maca over Raw Maca
Take enough Maca to make it worth your while. On resting days we recommend 1-2 teaspoons for most people and on exercise days we recommend 2-4 teaspoons.

Combine your Maca intake with exercise focused on the buttocks including: hill walking, squats, leg curls and leg lifts.



Expect to start seeing results in 4 weeks from starting your program

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