Glute Building Foods

Before reading through this list, I want to mention that really there is no magic food here! My list is simply a list of good carbohydrates, fat and protein (which are the essentials to any good diet).

Eat well, eat often, keep track of your macros, train hard and be consistent!   That is how you build glutes!





The good carbs list is endless! Eat as much fresh veggies and fruit as you can. The trick is to eat adequate amounts of carbohydrates to help you gain weight.

Note that protein can not be digested without carbs so super important that you pair your protein with good carbs.

Both simple and complex carbs are important for hard gainers. The quick absorbing sugars in simple carbohydrates can be really helpful in topping up your glycogen and help with recovery and with puting on muscle! I recommend you go to the grocery store and pick as much veggies and fruits as you can… even stuff you’ve never tried!

Yams/ sweet potato
Brown rice
Collard greens
Green Peas
Blueberries/ Raspberries/Strawberries
Dark chocolate (haha, yes it can be beneficial! Full of antioxidants)



I personally recommend buying organic, free range, grass fed poultary and meat. I totally know its a bit a splurge but its worth having good source of food in your diet.

Steak or Game meat like bison
Ground turkey
Whole eggs (… yes WHOLE, buy organic or free run)
Fish (Salmon, Cod, Tilapia – be careful not to eat too much high mercury containing fish)




Healthy fats are essential to brain, heart and overall body function. Do not be afraid of fats! They are your best friend! Saturated animal fats are also great for putting on muscle. Most hard gainers find it hard to eat enough food. One healthy way to increase your calorie intake is to simply add in more fats!

Chia seeds
Organic coconut oil
Organic butter
Raw Nuts And Seeds (including natural nut/ seed butters)

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