Fish Oil and Vitamin E for Buttocks Growth

So I’ve seen various talks about this on the internet; most noticeably forum discussions, youtube, and social media platforms.

There is an idea floating around where you can buy fish oil pills and vitamin e pills or cream, and then rub them onto your butt to make it grow.

The question is does it actually work? Well, lets find out.

The process begins with you poking holes into some fish oil pills, along with vitamin e pills and applying a generous amount to your buttocks.

You then grab some seran wrap and completely cover all applied areas of your butt (cheeks) with it. You do this to ensure it does not leak onto your clothes, and so it can also be absorbed properly.

You will then proceed about your daily activities, or sit down on a chair for about 30 minutes. Some people tend to go longer, assuming that it may yield better results.

And some people will even sit on a heating pad with the goal of it causing the pours of the buttocks to open up and absorb more of the solution.

Now before I even knew about this whole process, I could already infer the logic behind it. But before I go into that, lets look briefly at what each of the active ingredients behind these pills actually do for our bodies and our booties.


Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin. It is a powerful anti-oxidant often found in skin care products and applied to aid in things like wrinkles, scars, cuticles, and brown spots via its anti-free radical properties.

However, the benefits of it actually having a significant effect on such things has proven rather inconclusive.

The human body itself doesn’t produce it on its own, so it is essential that you get it through eating the right foods. Thankfully eating some of the foods we recommend in our foods for a bigger butt list will provide you with ample amounts of vitamin E.

For example an ounce of almonds will give you 40% of your daily value of vitamin E.


Fish Oil:

Fish oil has seen pretty big popularity in the health scene over the last decade. Fish oil contains both EPA & DHA forms of the healthy fatty acid known as Omega 3. Since omega 3 is an essential fatty acid; it therefore cannot be produced by the human body.

Omega 3 has been though to prevent and aid in many diseases, injuries, and issues within the body. It is typically recommended as a daily essential for these reasons.

Such benefits have included, improved memory, cognitive function, cardiovascular health, reducing inflammation, anti-aging, improved fat burning and many many more.

Now that you know a little about both of these ingredients, lets now discuss if they actually help you get a bigger butt.

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