5 Swiss Ball Exercises for Strengthening Your Glutes

Maintaining strong glutes is important not only to hold good form as a runner and prevent injury, but also in our daily lives to reduce the chances of postural problems and pain associated with this.

Unfortunately, many of us have weak glutes as a result of the type of work we do – sitting down at a desk all day just makes our glutes weaker, as when they are not having to work they deteriorate in strength.


Swiss Ball Squat

The Swiss ball squat is a relatively basic exercise, which will allow you to work on glute strength. Of the 5 exercises listed, this would be the best one to begin


with if strength work is reasonably new to your training schedule.

Place the Swiss ball against a wall resting on your lower back. With your feet roughly hip width apart, take a step or two away from the ball and this will be your starting position.



Swiss Ball Hip Extension

here are a number of variations of the hip extension, all of which will work on glute strength. The Swiss ball hip extension is a basic hip extension made slightly more challenging by placing your feet on the Swiss ball, instead of the floor, adding instability to the movement and forcing all of your core muscles to work hard to maintain the neutral pelvic position.

Lie down on your back and place your feet flat on the Swiss ball making sure that your shins are parallel to the floor

Push your hips up towards the ceiling and squeeze your glutes as much as you can, make sure your shoulder, hip and ankle are in one strong straight line at the top of the movement.

Take your hips back down towards the floor and then push straight back up to the top. Complete 10-12 of these and if that is okay take 30 seconds rest before doing another 1-2 sets.


Swiss Ball Downward Facing Balance

This exercise is a little more challenging than the first two but don’t let that put you off! Start by lying down on top of the Swiss ball with your face pointing towards the floor, make sure your waist is resting on the ball and your elbows should be leaning on the floor for stability.

Let your legs hang down over the ball  this is your resting position. To begin the exercise pull your belly button in, squeeze your glutes as hard as you can and lift your legs towards the ceiling, control the movement on the way back down to your resting position and repeat 10-12 times.

Again you can do 2-3 sets of this exercise with 30-60 seconds rest between sets.


Swiss Ball Side Kick 

Start by kneeling with the Swiss ball beside you. You want to put the Swiss ball under your arm and lean over until your hand is on the floor and the ball is firmly between your arm and your thigh.

Take your opposite hand and rest it on the ball in front of you for support. Make sure you keep your shoulders back and down, chest high, hips neutral, and your belly button pulled in. Squeeze your glutes and lift the leg furthest away from the Swiss ball so that it is fully extended and in line with your hip.

Take a big deep breath and kick your leg forward and then back, keeping your belly button pulled in and your glutes squeezed tight – the movement should come from your hip and nothing else should move.

Complete 10 reps


Swiss Ball Butt Blaster

Start by lying down on top of the Swiss ball with your head facing towards the floor. Put both hands down on the floor directly in front of the ball – they should stay in this position throughout the exercise.

Bring one knee in and push it into the ball as far as you can, put your toes down on the floor and hold that strong position, your toes should feel like they are pushing your knee into the ball the whole time.

Take your other leg and lift it up so it is parallel to the floor. Bend from your knee so that the sole of your foot is now facing the ceiling, keep your toes pulled towards your shin and pulse your heel two or three inches above your resting position for 10-12 reps. The movement should come from your hips and nothing else should move, keep your belly button pulled in and you glutes squeezed tight throughout the exercise. Repeat on the opposite side and continue onto a second set on each side if this feels okay.




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